Partners Football League

Start date TBD - Games will be at 6:45 & 7:45

Location TBD

Welcome to the Partners Football League,


where the spirit of community comes alive amidst the thrills of flag football! We're much more than a sports league; we're a vibrant gathering of young Jewish professionals from all walks of life, coming together to foster connections, build friendships, and engage in some friendly competition.


At the Partners Football League, it's not just about the cheers of the crowd or the exhilaration of a well-executed play. It's about the bonds forged on and off the field, the shared moments of triumph and challenge, and the strengthening of our community fabric with every snap of the ball.


We believe that through the joy of sport, we can create a warm and engaging environment where everyone feels at home. Whether you're an athlete on the field, a supporter in the stands, or a newcomer eager to become part of our community, the Partners Football League is your place to connect, grow, and experience the camaraderie that sets us apart.


So come and be a part of our story, and let's make memories together, one game at a time.


Because here at Partners Football League, we're not just playing a game, we're building a community.