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Welcome to our "Challah Bake - A Taste of Heaven" workshop!


This hands-on experience is a fantastic opportunity to engage with a beloved Jewish tradition, deepen your appreciation for the mitzvah of challah, and create delicious bread in the company of your loved ones. 


Whether you're a baking newbie or a seasoned dough kneader, we have options for everyone. If you're short on time or new to baking, we'll bring along ready-made dough, and you can immerse yourself in the art of challah braiding, in just an hour. If you're up for a more immersive experience, we offer the chance to make your dough from scratch, and then shape it into a beautiful challah in about two and a half hours.


Our experienced educators, including Mrs. Sara Aliza Scheinberg, Mrs. Racheli Indig, Mrs. Shaindel Fink, and Mrs. Dassie Bausk, will guide you through this wonderful process, sharing insights and inspiration along the way.


We'll come to a location of your choice—your home, office, or community center—and provide everything needed for this heavenly experience. Invite your family and friends, roll up your sleeves, and prepare to create, connect, and bake some challah!


We're looking forward to sharing this piece of our heritage with you in the most delicious way possible! See you at the Challah Bake!


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