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Burnham's Musings

weekly thoughts from our very own Rabbi Burnham

The World is Going Down the Drain, Fast…. Korach 5777

Nanny Sentenced To 17 Years In Prison For Toddler’s Death! Missing 14-year-old girl’s body found in Texas landfill! Teens charged in carjacking of 3 elderly women! Trucker who hit, pushed man in wheelchair won’t be charged! Local landscaper Drowns In Cesspool! Mom charged with murder in baby’s death! North Korean dictator uses twisted execution method

The World is Going Down the Drain, Fast…. Korach 5777

The Silence was Deafening…Sh’lach 5777

I’ve been to some dark places. I’ve stood at the side of a crematoria in Auschwitz, and next to a mountain of ash and bone at Maidanek. I’ve been to Belzec, the notorious death camp, and to Theresienstadt, the quaint little village the Nazis created to show the world how kind they were to the

The Silence was Deafening…Sh’lach 5777

Oink, Oink! Nasso 5777

It’s a bit ironic, but if you’re a pig, your biggest fear is people’s desire to “pig out”. On your own you can survive on almost anything; scraps, garbage, or leftovers. You’re not a picky eater, you can easily live on “junk food.” You’re tough and hardy, incredibly adaptable, and you can live just about

Oink, Oink! Nasso 5777

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