Partners in Care

Caring for the Community Together

At Partners Detroit, part of our mission is to address the full spectrum of Jewish values. Partners in Care is a division that takes kindness seriously, focusing on performing acts of chessed and teaching about helping members of our community.

Our Programs:

Bringing the Chesed Home
For the first time ever, join Partners Detroit Women’s Division for an evening of fun, inspiration and giving back to the Detroit community. On our recent Partners M4M NYC trip, many of us witnessed amazing acts of chesed and visited various volunteer organizations. NOW, let’s bring the chesed home! !

CPR Training
This year, in an effort to promote medical safety awareness in our community, Partners Detroit organized multiple CPR and First Aid training courses for men and women. Licensing and basic awareness classes were taught and all our participants benefited from the knowledge!

A Second Chance at Life
Partners in Care and Renewal organized a special kidney donation educational event for the community. Rabbi Eli Mansour spoke on the true selflessness of donating a kidney to someone in need. A panel of three kidney donors answered questions and spoke about their experiences and what prompted them to perform such an amazing act of chessed. They encouraged participants to consider donating as well.




Upcoming & Past events for Partners in Care