I hope you’re having a grape time! <br> Vayikra 5780

Dear Friends: With the current situation, I have found myself busier than ever. I gave a ton of classes on Zoom, and attendance has been way higher than usual, and it’s been amazing! I also have my six wonderful children at home and that has take a bit of my time. So I’m reusing an […]

The Solution to COVID-19 <br> Parshat Tetzaveh 5780

COVID-19 , also known as the novel coronavirus, may have started in China, but to everyone’s surprise it was the US that first implemented the mandatory TRUE implants. Following the US success at putting down the virus, almost every country in the world rolled out mandatory TRUE implants, and by 2025, over 70% of adults […]

Your Car is Telling Me Things <br> Parshat Terumah 5780

It took Sam Goldstein forty-three years to buy his Mercedes-Benz AMG GT-R. It’s not that the waitlist was that long, the waitlist was only six months, but it took Sam that long to get to the place where he could drop $200,000 on a car and not feel the pinch. The car wasn’t very practical, […]

The Music in My Operating Room <br> Parshat Mishpatim 5780

An operating room can be a pretty tense and chaotic place, which is why it is no surprise that about 70% of surgeons prefer to have music playing while they operate. Already in the early 1900’s, a Pennsylvania surgeon wrote of the benefits of bringing a phonograph into the room, but that was before anesthesia […]

The Golden Voice, the Golden Ticket? <br> Parshat Yitro 5780

“Got some spare change?” “Hey man, have a quarter to spare?” “Some change to help me get a meal?” You could hear those words a million times a day throughout the US, but only in one place would you hear this response: “No problem, but can you say something for me?” However at the corner […]

Chasing Mystical Vortices <br> Parshat Beshalach 5780

If you want to have a great family experience with inordinate amounts of fun for children, you might want to head on down to Disneyworld. Each year, fifty two million people, mostly families with small children, visit this Mecca of Fun, making it the most visited attraction in the world. The Orlando area, which boasts […]

Getting Lost in the Weeds <br> Parshat Bo 5780

When we think of the earliest explorers of our fledgling country, we tend to think of rugged adventurers of the Daniel Boone genre, people who would kill a bear with their bare hands and then eat its raw flesh for dinner, feeding the leftover scraps to their pet wolves. Unbeknownst to many is the fact […]

Science and Religion Together Forever! <br> Parshat Va’eira 5780

We have been conditioned to believe that there is an inherent conflict between science and religion and that one has to choose between being a Man of Science or a Man of God. We see it in lawsuits launched by scientists suing the Kansas Board of Ed for including intelligent design in textbooks, we hear […]

Tortured by My Daughter!!!! <br> Parshat Shemot 5780

Plop. Plop. Plop. The sound is slowly driving me to the edges of madness. It is not water dripping on my head in some form of urban-myth Chinese torture. No, it is the sound of my eighteen month old daughter throwing macaroni off of her high chair one elbow at a time. Exacerbating the situation […]