Are you an ALSO or an ONLY? <br> Parshat Toldot 5780

When most people think of a trip to South Africa, they think of the rich and diverse flora and fauna. Some think of safaris and game drives where you can see majestic animals normally only seen in the zoo placidly roaming the bush and grasslands. Ornithophiles, flock to South Africa to spot the 140 species […]

The Un-Cutest Pet in the World <br> Parshat Chayei Sarah

The information below is true, as much as you may want it not to be. It was reported on NPR on March 23, 2013. There is a man whose name I won’t tell you, who has a dog, whose name I will tell you. It’s Piney. Piney was named that because his “Mommy” had a […]

Let’s Get Personal <br> Parshat Lech Lecha 5780

It was the perfect day. Jack had been dating Emily for three years, and he was finally going to pop the question! The setting could not have been more stunning; on a clifftop overlooking the Pacific ocean, at sunset, in a white wooden gazebo, with sheer lavender silk drapes wafting in the breeze, a waterfall […]

How Much Technical Debt do You Have? <br> Parshat Noach 5780

You’re having dinner in middle of February, and your furnace blows. The house slowly starts getting colder, and you call the HVAC guy who tries to troubleshoot it over the phone. When nothing works, he promises to come right away, but warns you that there will be a after-hours service charge add-on, he too was […]