Last Time I Got Shot <br> Parshat Re’eh 5779

Taking a walk in the woods can be a pretty mundane activity, but never when you are in Yosemite National Park. In Yosemite, a walk in the woods is a child’s first walk into a candy store. Every bend in the path reveals an abundance of flora and fauna, every hill crested opens up new […]

Tanner Street Trouble <br> Parshat Devarim/Tisha B’Av

As a child, Will always seemed to gravitate to more violent forms of play than the other boys in his neighborhood. Even when his mother took away his toy guns and swords, Will always found a way to turn innocuous toys into weapons. By the time he was seven, many neighborhood kids wouldn’t play with […]

How to Survive a Kidnapping <br> Parshat Matot/Masei 5779

Disclaimer: This email contains depictions of a graphic crime, readers please use caution if reading in front of children. There are two dominant theories about triathletes. The first is that they are supremely cowardly human beings, and spend their life preparing to run away from danger on any front. You’re relaxing on the beach and […]