Avocado is Back in the Headlines <br> Parshat Pinchas

Avocado is the headline hogger of the fruit world. There are about 2,000 species of fruit eaten by human beings, from pedestrian fruits like the apple, banana, clementine, and date, to the more exotic ones like the atemoya, bignay, calabash, and durian. But no fruit manages to push itself into the headlines as often as […]

I have Seen the Writing on the Wall <br> Parshat Balak 5779

This is a rerun of a previous Shabbos email. My wife did not re-give birth to our eight year old daughter, but there will be an update at the end of the email…. I have seen the writing on the wall… and it is colorful. There are blue and orange streaks all across one wall […]

Every Step Counts, but Some More <br> Parshat Chukat 5779

The New York City Subway system has 472 stations stretching over four boroughs, making it the largest subway system in the world. It is clean, efficient, reliable, inexpensive, and most importantly, it saves people hours of snarling traffic every day. In 2017, the most recent year data was presented, over 1.72 billion rides were provided […]

Of Navy SEALs and Tea <br> Parshat Korach 5779

About seventy five percent of the trainees who start the Navy SEALs training program, drop out before it’s done. And it’s not like anyone can get into this program, one must first excel in the regular Navy and then successfully finish a grueling three-week SEAL Officer and Assessment and Selection program which weeds out anyone […]