I Can’t Get Him Out of My Tires <br> Parshat Shelach 5779

Traveling to the Amazonian jungle in the mid-1800 was dangerous and harrowing. Bringing your entire mishpacha with you would either be described as blindly optimistic or just plain foolish. But when Henry Wickham decamped from England to build a plantation in the jungle, he took with him his wife, mother, brother, brother’s fiancée, brother fiancée’s […]

Can I Get Some Embryonic Stem Cells with That? <br> Parshat BeHalotcha 5779

One of the great advantages of spending a vacation in the idyllic town of Chesterfield , MO, as opposed to my usual time in frenzied NY, was that I had significantly more time to spend with my family. I conjured fantastical stories for my children, nieces, and nephews, helped them put together puzzles, took walks […]

Would You Like Ice With That? <br> Parshat Naso 5779

This essay combines reality and futuristic predictions. Anything described as happening in 2019 or earlier is true, anything from 2020 and forward is a futuristic prediction. Obviously. The boarding team was dressed in the blue camouflage fatigues of the Seven Nations Navy and was armed to the teeth. From the time they boarded the tugboat […]

Shavuos with a Billionaire…

Being a Billionaire buys you a pretty big social pass. You can do many things that other people can’t and get away with it. You can walk into shul with your pants on backwards, and people will whisper to each other in hushed tones, “Dude, that guy is a billionaire, he’s such a genius he […]