I’ll have a Cup of Beetlejuice
Parshat Shmini

          A female chochineal on the left and the much rarer male on the right…. A cluster of female chocineals chilling on their cactus pad Alfonso Hernandez is a farmer who grows infected cacti on the Canary Islands (Pop Quiz! Where in the world are the Canary Islands?) While cactus plants […]

Love Your Head
Parshat Vayikra/Purim

It was clear that Paul Bryant was different the moment he was born. He did look a bit strange, his head seemed almost bigger than his body, but all babies are born looking a little strange, so his parents weren’t too worried. Within twenty minutes of his birth, five doctors had stopped by the delivery […]

Call Me Nano-Man
Parshat Vayakhel 5779

Hello Everybody, Call me Nano-Man. I am the future. I laugh silently at the geek in front of me as he pulls a 5 pound laptop out of his carry-on, and places it its own basket in the security line at the airport. I laugh at the security guard who has no idea that I’m […]