Thou Shall Not Covington <br> Parshat Yitro

I first saw the news item on Saturday night. I was catching up on the news that I missed over Shabbos, although I’m not really sure that was a great idea. If you miss 25 hours of news because you’re in your Shabbos bliss zone, that’s a gift. There’s no reason to return the gift […]

Finding the Vortex <br> Parshat Beshalach

If you want to have a great (and pricey!) family experience with inordinate amounts of fun for children, you might want to head on down to Disneyworld. Each year, fifty two million people, mostly families with small children, visit this Mecca of Fun, making it the most visited attraction in the world. The Orlando area, […]

Energy Comes from Where? <br> Parshat Bo

Whether you have a watch or not, you know roughly what time it is. That is due to an almond sized beautiful piece of gray matter right in middle of your brain called the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus controls many primary human functions such as temperature regulation, heart rate, blood pressure, hunger, thirst, learning, and memory. […]