Wanna Splurge? <br> Parshat Ha’Azinu/Sukkot 5779

When there is money in the streets, people get spend-crazy. Right now, there is money in the streets. With the stock market soaring to all time highs, the Dow Jones up over 50% in the last three years, and companies boasting record earnings, people are flush with cash. And every time you show me people […]

Let’s Get Medieval on Yom Kippur! <br> Parshat Vayelech/ Yom Kippur 5779

Just five miles east of the I-75 is the medieval era. Get off the highway, pass through a generic town or two, drive through some cornfields, and make a left turn into the 1500’s. It’s not always there, only at magical times, such as every weekend from late summer through the middle of the fall. […]