Sorry, but You are so Pavlovian!
Parshat Vaetchanan

Do you know anyone who fancies himself a connoisseur? Do they feel they are an aficionado, cognizant of the essential differences between designer garb and inferior clothing? Or perhaps they consider themselves true gourmands, people who know how to appreciate a really good wine or fine pâté? There are many people who view themselves among […]

The Palace That Lies Empty…
Parshat Devarim/Tisha B’Av 5778

The King, the kind, benevolent monarch, ruled well for years, but around him hung the gloom of childlessness. He would have no one upon whom to bequeath his mantle of leadership. Everything he built would be for naught. There would be no heir to perpetute his vision, and build the kingdom as he would have […]

When Too Much is Too Much
Parshat Matot Masei 5778

Some guys in tri-cornered hats sacrificed everything so that you can have the liberty to eat 69 hotdogs and buns in 10 minutes. Happy Birthday America. America is a great country. We are the world leading democracy, and our beliefs in freedom, the rights of the individual, and equality before law have shaped democracies all […]

Not Wealthy, But Rich
Parshat Pinchas

We all have friends who only do things if they can do them 130%. My friend Noach is not just a plumber, he was the youngest person in Michigan history to become a Licenses Master Plumber. He’s not just a pilot, he can fly almost anything smaller than a 747. He’s not just an audio […]