Gambling, Moonshine and Chess…Naso 5778

India is a vast and complicated country. Its 1.3 billion citizens, the world’s second largest population, are spread out over 1.2 million square miles, with terrains ranging from the Himalayan Mountains, to the Indian Ocean coastline, the Thar Desert, the rainforests of the Western Ghats, and the vast farmlands of the Deccan Plateau. Its history […]

You Think You’re Better than Us? Behar-Bechukotai/ Shavuot 5778

From the time he was seven, everyone knew that Jonah was going to be a lawyer. He could argue his way out of culpability for any backyard tussle, and he could easily persuade even the most hardened babysitter that he deserved at least fifteen extra minutes before bedtime. It had something to do with his […]

The Greatest Existential Threat to Mankind? Parshas Emor 5778

No one argued that Beth did something wrong, but billions of people around the world were profoundly uncomfortable with what she did. Beth was babysitting seven-year-old Zoe Anderson, while her mom worked a night shift at the local hospital. At about 1AM, Zoe’s dad Billy, an alcoholic with a string of prior felons and a […]