The War in Washington on…Achrei Mos – Kedoshim 5778

Some would almost call it a lobbyist hobby, arguing over the best restaurants in DC. When you take people out for breakfast lunch and dinner, food becomes a pretty obsessive topic of conversation. Young lobbyists can spend hours discussing who makes better Italian food, Tosca or Fiola, or who has fresher seafood, Joe’s Stone Crab […]

Better In or Better Out? Tazria-Metzora 5778

In Wallens Ridge State Prison, people who admitted their guilt were about as rare as fur traders at PETA rallies, but most people seemed to believe Joe “Shifty” Cullen’s protestations of innocence. He would admit to sneaking into an Alexandria, VA home on that fateful morning in June of 32’, but only to steal some […]

If Only I Could Fly All Day…Shemini 5778

What do you do when you’re a world-class airline without a world-class bank account? This was the question facing American Airlines in 1981. Just two years earlier, Congress passed the Airline Deregulation Act, bringing in massive new competition, lower ticket prices, and a business climate that threatened to destroy the old established airlines like American. […]