The Life and Times of a Suicide Bomber….Tetzaveh 5778

Aziza al Tahmimi’s father had always told her that life wasn’t meant to be fair, and he sure got that one right. In November of 2013, he became a martyr by blowing himself up in the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem, ensuring that his family would get a steady stream of income from Hamas, but […]

Here’s the #1 Rule for a Successful Life….Terumah 5778

I was setting the Shabbos table one Friday afternoon when the call came in. On the other end of the line was an energetic and persuasive salesperson who wanted to give me a free stay in a beautiful resort in Florida if only we would attend a ninety-minute sales presentation outlining the joys of timeshare […]

Four Reasons You Should Hire My Son… Mishpatim 5778

Why did you give my child a C+? I’m sorry, I’m not sure who you are? I’m Mrs. X and you gave my child a C+ as his final grade, why? Oh, nice to meet you Mrs. X.  I gave your son a C+ as his final grade is due to a number of things. […]

The Global Elite Playground…Yitro 5778

Davos means a lot of things to a lot of different people. If you are a Chassidic Jew living in Antwerp, Davos is the Swiss summer resort hundreds of European Chassidic families flock to, joined by Jews from all over the world. For a few weeks a year, there are dozens of pop-up synagogues as […]