You Think it’s Cold? Bo 5778

It is freezing outside, quite literally. It has been freezing outside, quite literally, since a week ago. The coldest we’ve seen in the last week has been 5 degrees Farenheit, and the balmiest has been just below the freezing point. Snow, snow, snow, everywhere. Except on the roads of course, where it is salt, salt, […]

You have Just Won a Free Trip to the Bahamas! Vaera 5778

I want to become a hacker. Not because I want to furrow into your bank account and steal your retirement funds, not because I want to steal your Social Security number, open myself a bunch of credit cards, and go binge shopping on your coin, but because I want to make the lives of Aaron […]

That’s a Load of Garbage!! Shemot 5778

The information in this essay was largely culled from an excellent article written by Kiera Feldman for ProPublica, and published January 4, 2018. It always amazes me when investigative journalists dedicate months putting together a single article, both in the field and researching from their desks, all that we can be more informed. Hats off […]