You are Not One, You are Many…Nitzvim-Vayelech and Rosh Hashana 5777

You are not one, you are many. You are trillions. There are somewhere between ten and forty trillion little copies of you in this universe, each one as unique as you are. The trillions of you are found in your DNA, which is found in every one of the trillions of cells in your body. […]

Everyone Wanna Be Like Mike…Ki Tavo 5777

He’s 33 years old, makes a salary of $1 a year, yet he’s the fifth richest man in the world with a net financial worth north of $70 billion. He never graduated college, but he did get an honorary degree from Harvard University thirteen years after dropping out. Each month, two billion people use a […]

The Tower that Leans…Ki Teitzei 5777

Construction is never a simple thing. The general rule is to expect projects to take thirty percent longer than scheduled and to cost thirty percent more than budgeted. But a building taking more than 200 years to build is considerably out of the norm, and if the resulting building is falling over before you even […]