The Great Marriage Dilemma…Shoftim 5777

Shortly before I got married, I entered headlong into a massive controversy brewing among my friends, a number of whom were getting married about the same time as me. The question we grappled with was how to treat our wives right after we got married. The simple answer would have been: “well, treat them well.” […]

The American Hippopotamus….Eikev 5777

I’ve never given too much thought to my last name. I know that Burnham isn’t much of a Jewish name; that was by design. My grandfather, whose last name was Berman, couldn’t get into medical school with a Jewish last name. In his time most universities had quotas determining how many Jews they would accept. […]

Call Me Ishmael… or Better Yet, Call Me Moon Fizz…Vaetchanan 5777

After a raging debate, the Swedish authorities finally agreed to abandon the antiquated rules that had long been causing deep emotional pain to their constituents. The new law gives Swedish parents the rights and freedoms which are granted to almost every parent in the world, but had been denied to them until now – the […]