The Road to Progress…Devarim 5777

Xi Cheng left home at the age of fourteen in search of bread. A two year drought had killed off all but the hardiest vegetable crops in his farming village of Zihua-Ni (mostly horseradish, potatoes, beets, and other root crops), and there was not much to eat. His parents sold their little hut to buy […]

What’s not to love about avocado? Matos-Massei 5777

What’s not to love about avocado? Soft and velvety, with a thick rich texture and a flavor that’s a delightful cross of butter, nuts, and fresh earth, avocados are simply awesome. If you don’t believe me, ask the good people of the USA, they currently consume 4.25 billion avocados a year, quadruple the amount they […]

Why Can’t I Get Comfortable? Pinchas 5777

The history of the Jews in Budapest is a bit complicated and tortuous. Like many places in Europe, the Jews were alternatively invited or banished based on the mood and economic desires of the rulers of the time. In 1279, the Jews of Buda (one of three cities eventually united into Budapest) were forced into […]