Let’s Save the World Together….Mishpatim 5777

I want to save the world, and I would like to take you with me! First stop: our local Wal-Mart. No, I don’t believe that giving people dastardly low wages and ridiculously expensive health-care is the way to save the world, so let’s not stop in the Human Resources Department. Nor do I believe that […]

This email is very very terrific! Everyone loves it! Yitro 5777

Disclaimer: The views presented in the next three sections are not the views of the writer, his employers, or anyone he ever met. They are merely fictional and were created for the sole purpose of bringing out a point. “Talking to the Russians? Talking to the Russians throughout the whole campaign? I’m telling you, this […]

You decide…Beshalach 5777

Jim Spinnock turned the corner, and headed down Slade toward his favorite Starbucks. Nothing put a little fire in his belly like a cup of piping hot Colombian magic. Like almost every day of every workweek, his friend John DeMott was coming out just as he was going in. And like almost every day of […]

Honey, We Need to Talk – Parshat Bo 5777

It was 8:30am and Josh  already felt like he was buried under two tons of dirt, all his movements slow and belabored. He had been at his workstation since six, and he was scheduled straight through 7 pm. If he wanted to make it through the slog of nonstop meetings and spreadsheets he needed coffee; […]