The Tiger Bared its Teeth at Me and Roared….Vaera 5777

There are zoos, and there are animal parks. Zoos are built in large metropolitan areas, animal parks rise up in the deep country. Zoos have concrete pathways, food courts, and train rides, animal parks have dirt paths, food trucks, and repainted school buses. Zoos have rules and regulations, animal parks have… er, animals. I had […]

Parshat Shemot

  Last week, I had the opportunity to play Mommy and Daddy for five days. My wife had gone to NYC to visit her parents, thankfully taking our six-month-old baby with her, but leaving me alone with five energetic and lovely children, and a house that doesn’t have a self-cleaning setting. Oh, and one more […]

My Kids vs. the Monkey…Vayechi 5777

I had always considered sending my children to Duke University, but now I think I may just send them to the zoo instead. A study by Duke researchers indicates the monkeys perform just as well as college students at mental addition. I guess I can open that jar we’ve been keeping in the cupboard with […]