Yesterday I was Sent to Prison…Mikeitz/Chanukah 5777

Yesterday, I was sent to prison. Not by the judicial system, but by the Aleph Institute, a phenomenal organization that looks after the spiritual and physical needs of a number of isolated populations, most notably: the incarcerated, the military, and the institutionalized. I was sent to go light the menorah for the roughly twenty-five Jewish […]

In God We Trust? Vayeishev 5777

Life as an American is intrinsically connected to the experience of spending time on the phone with customer service reps. So much so, that when I tried to remember which company I called and had an enlightening experience, I simply couldn’t. Was it Comcast? Consumers Energy? American Airlines? My doctor’s office? Chase? I really can’t […]

The Everyday Millionaire….Vayishlach 5777

He cut a dashing figure when he entered any room, a tall regal Englishman dressed in impeccably tailored thousand dollar Chester Barrie suits worn over smart Turnbull & Asser shirts and ties, a slight salt and pepper beard barely hiding his warm smile and brilliant eyes. On most evenings, you could find him seated at […]

But I Didn’t Ask for That!! Vayetzei 5777

Imagine you are a miner working a river in California in 1853. When you heard about the gold rush in 1849, you packed up your bags and headed west, looking for fame and fortune. After trekking across the US in a convoy of covered wagons, facing down Indian attacks, bandits, blistering heat, and the frigid […]

Can I Get Some Bromine With That? Toldot 5777

A fuming red brown liquid at room temperature that readily evaporates to form a similarly colored gas. Sounds like a ton of fun on a Sunday afternoon, at the Weevly World of Wacky Science Wexperiments! Probably not something I want in my tea… But bromine, the fuming red brown liquid/gas in question was regularly mixed […]