Bill Gates is a Small Fish in This Pond…Chayei Sara 5777

If you think that Bill Gates is rich, you are right. Bill is described as the wealthiest man alive, with his net worth being valued at $85 Billion. But Bill is far from the wealthiest man in modern history, that honor belongs to J.D. Rockefeller, whose net worth was more than four times the wealth […]

Like Magic on My Tongue…Vayera 5777

Popcorn is good, but corn puffs are great. Both of them are made by doing something magical to corn kernels, but popcorn is a messy expression of that magic, leaving behind husks and debris all over your teeth and gums, not to mention the unpopped kernels that rattle around in the bag, and occasionally make […]

I voted for her… Lech Lecha 5777

On Tuesday afternoon, at 1:28pm, I stepped into the voting booth at Norup Middle School. Scanning the presidential ballot box, I felt weary. I didn’t want to vote for either Clinton or Trump. I had ethical concerns with both of them, and I was sick and tired of the mudslinging, name calling, opponent shaming that […]

My Genes Made Me do It – Noach 5777

Anyone would tell you that Todd Sikorsky had a tough life, but usually he would be the first one in line. It is not easy being the father of three rambunctious boys, all three of whom were diagnosed with ADHD and one who was diagnosed with ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder) on top of that. It […]