You Need to use the Power of the Dark Side… Beraishit 5777

Dr. Shmuel Gillis was a respected hematologist, loving father of five children ages three to thirteen, loyal IDF reservist, and doting husband, but even more, he was the Dr. most beloved by his community of Carmei Tzur, in the Gush Etzion area of Israel. He was the doctor whose house they went to on Shabbos […]

But He was Just an Untrained Gardener… – Ha’azinu and Sukkos 5777

For most people, the rule of thumb is to stick to what you’re good at. But there are those rare individuals who can’t seem to stick to anything and are good at everything. Joseph Paxton was one of those people, and although very few people know of him, millions of us appreciate the result of […]

Be a Navy Seal This Yom Kippur…Vayeilech and Yom Kippor 5777

Raise your hand if you believe in nine year old children working 12 hours a day in backbreaking and dangerous conditions? Raise it if you think it’s ok for men to be forced to climb barefoot into deep mines with no ventilation, no helmets, no drills, just a shovel, a hammer, and a headlamp, and […]