Let’s be Smart This Time….Nitzavim 5776

If you were to think of the people who shaped the course of this country, you would certainly think of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and John Adams. You might also think of Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, or Albert Einstein. If you’re more intellectually inclined, you would consider Emerson, Twain, Salk, FL Wright, or Einstein. […]

Man vs. G-d? Ki Seitzei 5776

Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing two starkly contrasted national treasures in rapid succession. Both were awe-inspiring, both left me speechless, but one was made by G-d, and one made by man. One displayed the majesty and might of G-d, while the other showcased the abilities He gave man. My wife and I first […]

If You’re Looking for a Little Humiliation….Shoftim 5776

If you ever find yourself with a craving for humiliation, try the following: walk into any Hermes store, and ask the salesperson if they have any Birkin bags. What will follow is a full sizing up of you as a human being, executed by the salesperson looking you up and down slowly from shoes to […]

And Now Assume the Cat Position….Re’ey 5776

“Now you want to assume the cat position.” Mechanically, I agree. Yes, actually that is exactly what I was hoping he would say, because I really do want to assume the cat position right now! “OK you want to go down on all fours and then arch your back up like a cat getting electrocuted.” […]