The kite that built international trade… Parshat Behar 5776

Trade between countries is a good thing. It enables people in Canada to have freshly squeezed orange juice at their breakfast table, and people in Brazil to have maple syrup at theirs. It has created tens of thousands of jobs in Israel, as Intel Israel produces billions of computer chips for export, and it has […]

But She did it for the Exploited Workers…Parshat Emor 5776

The following historical fiction is based on a story reported by Reuters on May 6, 2009. It all started in late 2002. The money from their most recent refi had just about disappeared, undoubtedly lost somewhere between the outrageous dues at their Long Island country club and her long-standing relationship with Saks Fifth Avenue. Her […]

And it was Caught on Camera! Parshat Kedoshim 5776

A little while back, the people in Karlsruhe, a small city in southwestern Germany, witnessed a scene that left them shocked and horrified. Right in front of their eyes, police pulled a man out of a wheelchair, threw him on the ground, and began striking him! Not only that, but they had a dog frothing […]

Revelations from the Grill… Parshat Achrei Mot 5776

Real Men Wear Aprons. That’s right, real men wear aprons because real men grill lots of meat, and no one want to get grease stains all over their clean shirt, which is what real men wear! This explains why for two days of Chol Hamoed Pesach, I put on an apron and got to work […]