Emotional poison – Parshas Ki Tisa 5776

It was a gruesome way to die. The convulsions, vomiting, exhaustion, and gasping for breath lasted only a few hours, and then Thendara “Jagger” Satisfaction softly exhaled for the last time. His death would rock the world; the headlines screaming for justice. Jagger, beloved by so many, had never hurt anyone, had never even made […]

Big Brother is in My Car! Parshas Tetzaveh 5776

Steve Barkley was minding his own business. Cruising down the interstate near Campbell, CA, he was thoroughly enjoying himself. Depressing the gas pedal, he goaded his brand new Porsche 911 to lap up the pavement with increased urgency. The roof was lowered, the wind rushing through his hair, and Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture boomed in his […]

Who Stole White? Parshas Terumah 5776

One of the most dramatic thefts of the past twenty years was the decades-long attempt of Chinese manufacturers to steal the color white. You think white is easy, but white is actually extremely difficult to make, and is a multi-billion dollar product with one company alone making $2.6 Billion a year producing white! White is […]

The L'chaim I had with George Washington – Mishpatim 5776

George Washington led a supersized life, almost nothing he did was in moderation. For starters, George was physically a giant of a man. At a time when the average male was 5”6, George was a towering 6”2. Long before he became the general of the Colonial Army, George had already started a world war. Leading […]

Yeah, I used to be good – Beshalach 5776

There was a time in my life when I was actually pretty decent at that game we call basketball. There was a period when I spent four or five hours every day playing pick-up ball in the park. Back in 1995, Naftali Fogel and I would play in the schoolyard of the local HS and […]