Bo 5776

When we think of the earliest explorers of our fledgling country, we tend to think of rugged adventurers of the Daniel Boone genre, people who would kill a bear with their bare hands and then eat its raw flesh for dinner, feeding the leftover scraps to their pet wolves. Unbeknownst to many is the fact […]

Va'era 5776

There are many things computer chips can do better than me, and I embrace it. They calculate better than I do, they find disease patterns for the CDC by culling meta-data, they control traffic lights of entire cities better than hundreds of hand-waving police ever could, and they even play chess better than Garry Kasparov. […]

Shmos 5776

If necessity is truly the mother of invention, we should have invented teleportation devices long ago. The current air travel system desperately needs revamping, as it is far from great and only getting worse. More people are flying each year, with last year seeing 848,000,000 people boarding planes departing or arriving within the US. There […]

Vayigash 5776

Manju Das was quite possibly the richest housemaid in the world at one point, with close to two million dollars in her bank account. Today she lives in a hut, her body wracked in pain because she can’t afford any medical treatment, and is brought two meals a day by her son or nephew out […]

Vayeshev 5776

Of all the tens of thousands of emails being released from Hillary Clinton’s private email account, the one I find most interesting has two words in the subject line: Gefilte Fish. While the subject line of the email Hillary sent on March 5, 2010, to her deputy chief of staff, Jake Sullivan, and her department’s […]

Vayishlach 5776

The fifteen passenger van was dented, rusted, and filled with benches covered with industrial strength vinyl. For four years that canary yellow van conveyed me to school, about twenty minutes from my house, and deposited me back home again in the evening. I can still smell the dank vinyl, still see the black rubber floor […]

Vayeitzei 5776

It was business as usual for a man we’ll call David (name changed upon request), and as a large shoe manufacturer and wholesaler, today that meant going down to the port in south Tel Aviv to inspect a container of newly arrived shoes from Spain. The shoes looked good, the papers were in order, and […]

Toldos 5776

It was only after Kevin McNally got in his car and switched on his Uber app that he saw the words that would upend his life; “You’ve been deactivated.” Kevin had been driving for Uber for the last seven months, it was a job that gave him the flexibility he needed to raise his two […]

Chayei Sara 5776

It was only 9:15AM and the bickering had already started. Is Teddy Roosevelt good for the Jews, or is he not. Are steamships going to overtake sailing vessels or are they not. Are there too many greener Jews flowing into the Lower East Side from all over Europe and Russia or are there not enough. […]

Vayera 5776

I’m pretty confident I have weird feet. I don’t know if they’re flat, crooked, or inverted, but they don’t seem to fit into most shoes like a hand fits in a glove. If you’re a podiatrist and reading this, please don’t email me back with suggestions or diagnoses, I’ve been to doctors and they always […]